How do I use Shatterball?

Choose any side or rear window on any vehicle and shatter it with a simple toss from a comfortable distance. Have you ever played darts? Throw it just like that.

Why are they sold in pairs?

Have you ever missed the dart board entirely on your first throw? Yeah, us too.

Are there moving parts?

No. Shatterball is solid and absolute. You never have to worry about parts, pieces, or batteries.

Is Shatterball reusable?

Yes! The Shatterballs we've tested have each gone through hundreds of windows without incident. Each pair is built to last a lifetime of repeated use.  Though in the case of floods and fires, we highly recommend you do not try to retrieve the ball from inside the vehicle.

Will Shatterball break other glass?

Yes! Please take care not to accidently drop Shatterball on your glass coffee table, glass desk, or cell phone screen. Our testing found that Shatter Ball will shatter an iPhone screen with a drop from as little as 24”-36".

How are the Shatterballs packaged?

Each pair comes in a plastic vial with a snap cap for easy access. We also include a safety cinch carry bag (bright red) for each pair purchased.

Are Shatterball Sharp?

They are pointed, but not sharp to the touch. You will not cut yourself using them and can carry them in a pocket without worry.

Will there be additional products offered?

Yes! We have three additional evolutions of Shatterball technology on the way as we grow operations. We are also exploring case options, ball customizations, and custom tactical pouches.